Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pakej 2010: tempat terhad!

sila click pada gambar di bawah untuk saiz yang lebih mudah dibaca. TQ and i love u all. muah2!


  1. seriously? murah sgt ni..
    klu sy tau baik amek awk as my wed photographer..

    package yg sy amek almost similar dgn yg GOLD...except u ade free frame and sgt murah sbb mine was almost RM4000!!!

    by the way, sy suka style editing awk. vintage & classy!

    sy akn recommend awk to my sis.. she's getting married anytime soon..

  2. professional photographer.. may I know what qualifies you to be a professional? certs workshops experience etc. tq

  3. "professional- a person that is engaged in a specified occupation or activity for money or as a means of earning a living or has advance knowledge in his field than others," (Oxford, 2010)

    in Malaysia, to earn the 'professional' title as an engineer, architect, quantity surveyor (example), he/she must be registered with board of engineers, board of architects or board of quantity surveyors. as for photographers, do we have Malaysia Board of Photographer?

    and, photography is about art. art is subjective. certs, trainings and workshops do not and cannot represent your art. tq.

  4. John..convocation punye pakej xde ke..? x pun utk gambar saje2...

  5. ada! bgtau details, i'll get back to you later with the quotation. tq